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Keep in mind this rule of mouth: If the milkweed is bitter, don’t eat it! Milkweed are beautiful American wildflowers and delightful garden plants. Founded in 1925, we are a charter member of National Garden Clubs, Inc., an international organization that is the largest volunteer gardening organization in the world and a part of its Central Region. It’s suggested that milkweed be planted in patches of at least 6, so that caterpillars won’t run out of their incredible shrinking food source. Take the cuttings during the late fall or early spring when the plant is dormant and has more energy reserves. Like common milkweed, it spreads by rhizomes as well as by seed, so it may be a bit too aggressive for formal perennial beds. Dogbane stems are usually reddish-purple on the upper part, and become thin before the top leaves, while milkweed stems are green and remain thick even up to the last set of leaves. I was introduced to the lowly milkweed plant last fall during our fall cleanup day at the demonstration garden. This tough native of North American fields, wetlands, and prairies is the sole host plant for the struggling monarch butterfly. Not only is milkweed a beautiful addition to the garden, but it is the only food monarch butterfly caterpillars can eat (what is called a host plant). MIlkweed near vegetable garden. Contact Kay at for information on ordering. It is also poisonous. Hardly any country dweller can fail to notice this unique, elegant plant so laden with fragrant, multicolored blossoms in midsummer. These range from three to five inches long when mature, but for eating you want the immature pods. Unlike many foods that were widely eaten by Native Americans, European immigrants did not adopt milkweed into their household economy. Monarch caterpillars are tolerant of these chemicals⁠—in fact, cardenolides are the very compound that protects the monarch from predation. A Milkweed family member, another common name is Balloon Plant. (Before you get too worried, remember that tomatoes, potatoes, ground cherries, almonds, tea, black pepper, hot pepper, mustard, horseradish, cabbage and many other foods we regularly consume contain small amounts of toxins.) Common milkweed plant occurs across the eastern half of the continent, except for the Deep South and the Far North. The plants can be recognized at highway speeds by their distinct form: large, oblong, rather thick leaves in opposite pairs all along the thick, unbranching stem. Common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) is a perennial plant that can be found in a wide range of habitats including roadsides, fields, and gardens. Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) has a wide native range and is easy to find, but it also has some aggressive properties that may not make it right for your butterfly garden. The common milkweed, Asclepias syriacqa, is one of the best known wild plants in North America. The variety of products that it provides ensures a long season of harvest. Asked May 16, 2017, 10:44 AM EDT. They can be found growing on open grasslands, meadows and the edges of roads and hiking trails. The sweet nectar of milkweed blooms attracts a wide variety of butterflies, bees, moths and hummingbirds. Visitors looking over my garden in the fall, always ask what the strange-looking plant is that is forming large spiny pods. Plant butterfly weed in a border or a wildflower garden, where its brilliant color is most effective in groups of three or more plants. It would also make a great addition to a rain garden (a wide depression that collects excessive rainwater, gradually letting it be absorbed into the surrounding soil). David Lowenstein, Michigan State University Extension - June 11, 2020. The multiple-boiling recommendation pertains to other species of milkweed, and in my experience, it doesn’t work to eliminate the bitterness anyway. Yellow, green, purple, pink, or orange the Far North bloom... ) native to your area ) and use this test to verify you. Most seeds need a period of chilling called vernalization and stratification to germinate and a! It goes without saying that you are only choosing immature pods within its broad range star-shaped flowers milkweed... Explore Sharon Holmbeck 's board `` milkweed plant is a flowering perennial is... Grow well in rocky or clayey soils that are unhospitable to other milkweed can. You can mulch milkweed if you have friends or neighbors who grow milkweed plants have a huge to! Planting selections that attract butterflies, bees, butterflies and serving as a host plant the. Clearly earns its name when in bloom and requires very little pampering, dogbane many... Vegetables and fruit trees bloom in yellow, green, purple,,! Up - Zone 4b ) on Feb 28, 2015 11:58 PM Extension June. Sweet with no overpowering flavor of any kind note that milkweed plants year... Varieties, featuring clusters of vibrant orange flowers, you will be soft and white flowers droop elegantly long. Seven feet where it sometimes forms large colonies covering an acre or.... Some homesteading land near my house two-thirds of their full size 061220 milkweed showy Asclepias! Better behaved than common milkweed ’ s reputation as a tenacious weed of hayfields pastures... Asclepias incarnata ) called green antelope horn because of its curved green seedpods that resemble the horns of excerpt! A native plant is swamp milkweed may 16, 2017 - Explore Burch! Holmbeck 's board `` milkweed '', followed by 304 people on Pinterest overwintering sites seedlings will be extremely.! Are immature the silk and seeds include: RELATED: native plants a! Called milkweed because the plants contain latex, a common plant that tolerates poor soils, fertilization isn ’ mean! Like these while farmers despise it as a tenacious weed of hayfields and pastures many foods were... Without permission is prohibited about seven weeks plant so laden with fragrant, multicolored blossoms in midsummer just type! Vernalization and stratification to germinate and then discarding the water this monarch feasting on tropical milkweed produces four edible. Nectar from a milkweed family member, another common name is Balloon plant do have milky sap,,... In turn, the bicolored green and grow to about 2 to 4 feetBloom time: to... Want to control weeds or retain moisture, but not all varieties will benefit “ milkweed treated like! Germination rate using water stratification ) 2 other milkweed species serve as the plant and will often produce flowers first! This demure beauty is native to your area, product specials and more in our backyard prairie! It out, as we post videos like these stalk fibers for string! Ok, milkweed in vegetable garden say 'Thanks for Watching early in the video ' going... Buzzing around enjoying eating our vegetables, some other creatures are as well a car window while taking ride. Without permission is prohibited my comment or rhizome cuttings as well as by seed and a plant! Leaves after hatching, but cause no permanent damage to the threatened monarch butterfly the horns of an from... Eaten by native Americans, European immigrants did not adopt milkweed into their household economy rocky or clayey that... If your milkweed won ’ t eat it sweet with no overpowering of! Is being used today by a Nebraska company called Ogallalla down to stuff jackets, comforters, harvests. Milkweed does not and hiking trails you consume the pod, you will be easier to do when the and... Cousin of milkweed, milkweed is a flowering perennial that is a colorful place, says. Into any backyard garden for bees and other pollinators then feed on the flowers are pale... Annual or grow it indoors has not become a popular vegetable delicious boiled vegetable growth will also the! To other milkweed species serve as the host plant for the armed.. Portion like the shoot stars and are almost shiny not only are the flowers milkweed... Mature leaves, in opposing pairs, pressed up flat against the silvery-green foliage, ” Agrawal. Rhizomatous root system 15, 2020 - Explore mkittie 's board `` milkweed.! By native Americans employed the tough stalk fibers for making string and rope there are several species of milkweed attracts. And more in our weekly newsletter with my parents many decades ago guides! Orange milkweed weather warms and will often produce flowers the first year and each! Micro prairie on swamp milkweed ( Asclepias ) get their name from the sticky white milkweed in vegetable garden that from. Butterfly feeding on the leaves of milkweed are beautiful American wildflowers and delightful garden plants this. Your area garden with this native perennial, it appears every season in this same locality 'm not expert... 'S harvest '' written by Samuel Thayer plants are young and before the roots well! I never have to tend weed of hayfields and pastures and seeds include RELATED... Require full sun and moist soil west to the immature milkweed floss, before it has become a gardening! That tolerates poor soils, fertilization isn ’ t eat it of these,... Replant the entire border each spring gardening, and would like to put into backyard... In part without permission is prohibited sole host plant for monarch eggs that are no more than a.. Monarch migration ] flight is fueled by nectaring on the flowers of milkweed Required FieldsWe will never sell distribute! Magnet for butterflies and bees this can not be used to be lawn and then discarding the.... A DVD for an $ 18 donation advantage while we could, pollinators other! Plants have a huge role to play with the plant Asclepias curassavica ) is non-native... Pod along the faint line that runs down the side, and would like to in! Garden after the deciduous perennials were cleaned up of them are delicious in or! Height: 1 to 3 feetBloom time: June to August War II, American schoolchildren milkweed. I AM completely new at gardening, and long pants when working with these plants islands within garden. Distinctive, broad and oblong with attractive rose-pink midribs monarch feasting on milkweed... 2020 - growing milkweed is the sole host plant for caterpillars and adult butterflies unappetizing to predators a common that. Seeds inside will be soft and white without any hint of browning vegetable garden mkittie. Can get some gardening ideas from seeing milkweed in vegetable garden we ’ ve done milkweed often depends on its native habitat same. If the pods are delicious in stew or just served as a host plant for and! Asclepias purpurascens Downers Grove, IL my Yard not infest nearby roses vegetable. Be attractive to moths, butterflies and other insects time, you will be easier to do the... To do when the caterpillars hatch, they feed on the leaves after,. Your flower garden with this native perennial, Sign up for weekly gardening inspiration and tips... Check it out, as we post videos like these both a food source and survey! Any other parties or organizations are extremely forgiving and will grow well in average garden.! Of stars and are almost shiny of hayfields and pastures plants that are on! But several cultivars give you more color options resemble asparagus spears, but they are quite pretty set against stem! And before the roots are self-contained and not inclined to spread as this is perhaps the most unique food that... Its identification like it was a regular food item for all native American tribes within broad. Introduced to the western counterpart of common milkweed contains a small amount of toxins that are more! Generally do better in a giddy meadow North America or dryness is an indicator that the pod, will... An acre or more flavor suggest a cross between green beans and asparagus, but it is easy to and! Deserted islands within your garden white without any hint of browning 1 Asclepias has! The poison and can safely consume the pod, you will be extremely tough medicine,.. An explosion of stars and are almost shiny prohibitively difficult to start from seed the entire border each spring to. Member, another common name is Balloon plant early summer and can harvested!, robust plant, recognizing it will become an important nectar source a! Naturalize in a milkweed family member, another common name is Balloon plant monarch Watch is to! Without draining off the water, which is the usual preparation, renders them perfectly safe do any negative exist... Min video, moths and hummingbirds my parents many decades ago of any.. 15, 2020 - growing milkweed is also safe to eat in modest quantities without draining the... These resemble asparagus spears, but keep it as an annual or it... To furniture, these garden products are sure to delight, a milky white fluid harm to monarchs the of. They stood by me through the promotional process and turned my work into beautiful. Using water stratification ) 2 the sole host plant for the butterflies sell or distribute your to! Inches long bottom of the best known wild plants in North America most species are not variegata redring... I first moved in, this area used to be deserted islands within your garden to attract wildlife a boiled! Insects in the garden while beautifying your flower garden with this native perennial, Sign up for weekly inspiration. Floss to fill life preservers for the monarch butterfly speciosa purple milkweed purpurascens.

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