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HSP RC Car 4wd 1:10 On Road Racing Two Speed Drift Vehicle Toys 4x4 Nitro Gas a2. Its ROCK solid, well impressed. Boooooooo. It didn't cost £450 which is the going rate for the next batch of Tamiya Egress re-re's! Sad really as there used to be loads when I was a kid. It didn't cost £450 which is the going rate for the next batch of Tamiya Egress re-re's! 10.5 or i may go too 9.5 brushless , as my vintage one went well & it didn't go wrong . I opted for the torque splitter due to going brushless, but not being great with this modern technical lark, I’m hoping that’s the best move. Onto the rear swing arms (is that the right name? Ok that’s it for today! No change here, all as original. Changed the pinioin gear with a steel one and no more problems. Note to all Egress newbies, DON’T over-tighten the screw closest to the motor as it cracks the casing. Same question applies to rere Avante runners. I never had a brushless motor, sorry, so I can only speak about brushed motors. Installed and ready for the gearbox cover. For more speed or torque, I use Savöx digital servos, as they are good value for money (doesn't mean they are super-cheap), come with a variety of mounting hardware and use the Futaba-style spline. Watch. They feel bulletproof now. http://i1290.photobucket.com/albums/b524/adam_currie1/IMG_1934_zps59d63c5e.jpg It was a follow up kit to the Avante, which had a huge fan following. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Tamiya 45057 Brushless Sensored TBLE02S ESC Speed Control Avante Egress Fox at the best online prices at … Yeah a 3003 is a poop servo indeed, weak and slow. Part 3! Modified to brushless.This 959 is fast it has a Lansu-LS-4090-D 90A speed controller usually found in a new Redcat twister xtg pro 1/10. Also a 400 sized brushless is a good upgrade too with out again overpowering the car. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at eBay.com. Tamiya didn’t provide a chassis shot, so this pic of an […] I think I need a 25 pinion and 55 spur gear or with 23 pinion and 58 spur gear. If I was a racer I'm sure I'd have got into it, but I don't believe that there is even a single club/track in the north of England. Powered by Invision Community. This is something you find on about 70% of vintage models. Here's a pic of my 2011 Avante to egg you on. Now, being a daring soul, I decided to go all modern and use a brushless set up for this Egress. JWeston, December 23, 2013 in Re-Release Discussions. I was about to convert it to a proper Egress but decided on building a new Egress 2013 with parts from ebay, tamico, pargu, etc. I will go classic with Super Stock BZ motor. I only play around on and off-road, no racing, so particular set ups don't make a huge difference to how I drive :). 2:21. Tamiya RC Egress 2013 1/10 4WD Vehicle 5.0 out of 5 stars 4. Time to add the upper differential covers onto the chassis, alongside the gear covers. Apologies if this has been raised somewhere before. Loads of grease again due to going brushless. It's worth checking the 105BK and the 15T. By I used a Tamiya 10.5T Brushless motor (TBLM-02S), a Tamiya TBLE-03S ESC, Futaba metal gear servo S3305, Venom 5000 Nimh 8.4V battery (you have to relocate the aluminum post to fit it, not a big deal) and a Tower H radio and receiver. Just want to say thanks for your brilliant informative site. A $4 Hobbyking one has better spec. So, first up was the spur gear and torque splitter set up. Onto the rear sway bar. Comparable mid-range Futaba servos are more pricey than Savöx. if it's too much to sute the track or what ever you are doing . 7.4 li-po 10.5 & your good too go . 13.5T brushless is comparable to 23T brushed super stocks. Just today I received a Carson 12T brushless that will be going in to my Avante BS. Well, I can officially say that this is the first time I’ve built one of these and NOT had to get the Autosol/Peak on it. It uses the same mounting holes a 380 does and has alot more power with out overpowering the car. This is very much unlike other cheap brands entry-level servos I tried so far. Rear gearbox casing fitted. Ive not run the Super Modified i have as yet, its labelled as an 11t, but I've heard it more like a 19t in performance lol, i do have a good selection of Reedy and Trinity hand wound mods, but there pretty hot winds being in the 8 to 11 bracket, and wanted to keep my install to as much Tamiya badged gear as i can! It keeps true to the basic layout of the original while incorporating modern improvements and features many refined parts that are reproduced with newly built metal moldings. • 1989 tamiya Egress with leopard v2 9T 4370kv, lipo 2s 45c 4000mah, slick tyres (off road wear) off road. tamiya america, inc. tamiya europe gmbh. Nice move Tamiya, these Egress’s will retain shiny gearbox plates forever more! The vintage one was quite weak, but this is great. Not sure). tamiya vintage rc. It could use some more topend though, so I think the system will go in one of my 2wd's instead, and then I think I will go the brushed way with a Superstock in the Avante. TAMIYA EGRESS RE-RELEASE The Egress is back! I don't think they'll like each other. It's not a race-level spec servo. I had a quick but not extensive look. Free shipping. Nice work Tamiya. RC카 TAMIYA HotShot Re-release Brushless Off-Road Park Bash - Duration: 2:21. Hi, may i know what teeth pinion gear is a good starting point for a brushless 9.5t and 10.5t motor? Newest Products. The TTO1 has been one of Tamiya's big success stories over the last 10 years, this car will be a lot of varied things to a lot of different people so lets see if this is able to carry on with that winning formula. The Egress/Avante 2001 can easy manage a 10T brushed so I suppose a similar brushless motor should be a good option. The engine 3300kv brushless. The Egress has been truly revamped across the board, and it also features a brushless motor. Yeah I've gone stock with the gears. I cannot make my mind up. Do not use them in heavy Monster Trucks). Delays suck but I've waited for 30 odd years, what's a couple of weeks? Basically, its too tight as they are microscopically bigger than the vintage ones. Posted In  Egress, Egress Re-Re Build, Tamiya 36 Comments, I’ve been getting loads of great feedback about this build, glad you’re all enjoying it! The car was very fast and did manage the power load without any problem. Needless to say, its been sat for ages awaiting a strip down and re-build. I will however be adding a 13.5 brushless motor in this kit as it is common at my local club. for a motor upgrade I would use a Speed 400. I used a Tamiya 10.5T Brushless motor (TBLM-02S), a Tamiya TBLE-03S ESC, Futaba metal gear servo S3305, Venom 5000 Nimh 8.4V battery (you have to relocate the aluminum post to fit it, not a big deal) and a Tower H radio and receiver. And to finish for tonight, the all new thick, carbon rear shock mount. The only problem I had was the pinion gear wear that broke the spur gear teeth but it was my fault. I have pre-ordered an egress, and am planning to put a super stock rz motor in it. Seems to work for me. Thanks. I live in England. Since then, Tamiya has been striving to offer merchandise that can truly be called "First in Quality Around the World." I had to reverse the pinion gear here as when installed the way Tamiya advised, it was only getting traction with 50% of the spur. Unboxing - … 10.5 seemed like a good balance of speed with less chance of excess strain on the drivetrain of either cars. I resorted to loosening the rear gearbox cover a few turns to give a few mm play in the top deck. I'll see how it performs, but I'm guessing I'll be leaving it as is. Trying to retrofit an Avante driver into the Tamiya Egress. Fitted and looking more and more like an Egress with every step. C $33.57 + C $6.35 shipping . Tamiya’s follow-up to the Avante featured improved durability with reduced complexity and a lower price. Free shipping for many products! Tamiya ventured into the modeling business in 1948, with a scale wooden ship model kit. I bought it second hand but never run...only to find that the diffs felt ULTRA tight. and 17.5T brushless is similar to a good tuned 27T brushed motor. Im sticking to old tech and a brushed Tamiya Super modified, with a Volac MS speedo. I just use Humbrol instant cement and a fine modelling brush. This car was and still is the car of dreams (in my little world anyway) and if I was going to restore one, I wanted to document every step! As usual, Tamiya’s re-release looks dead-on, although a few unspecified tweaks have been made to acommodate modern power systems and batteries. The year was 1989, bands like Skid Row and Roxette were on the top of the charts, and the Egress was one of the most high tech rc machines you could buy. Since this is the OEM brand from which Tamiya rebadges their servos and radio systems), I think the bread-and-butter S3003 might not be "extraordinary" enough for your Egress 4WD buggy. The issue was , i dont have the 302BK but now i managed to get 2, once everything is done, will take some video shoots. Another angle…again…Gotta say, feels like its built like a tank. So well built. Only 2 left. It turned out to be an Avante 2001 with Egress parts. Great addition Mr Tamiya! I'm running an 8.5 speed passion sensored combo in mine. If you're looking for the Egress manual as I was when I first started on this glorious adventure, then please head over to Tamiyabase.com, All products, images, and contents on this website are the property of their respective owners, Tamiya Egress – The Restoration of a Classic RC Car. This blog was set up to cover the mamoth undertaking of a full restoration of a Tamiya classic, the Egress! Try maybe look at an alternative, I've sampled a few of the Alturn units, way cheap, and they work flawless for the money, metal gears and speedy fast too. Thanks! It is only a normal bashing, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. If you want to go the official way, the TEU-302BK is the approved ESC for the Superstock TZ motor. - They have decent speed and torque (for entry-level as said above, of course. I want mine to be fast but don't want to overdo it with a 9t brushless if it's going to kill something. Close up of the new braces taken from the 2001. The kit was supposed to be a pretty accurate copy of the Egress that Jamie Booth ran in part of the 1990 BRCA 4WD Championship. See similar items. $239.99. It's not a race-level spec servo. :) Rear adjustable arms made and fitted. Graupner's are the best but other companies make them too. Fast & Free shipping on many items! or Best Offer. Somebody asked either via email, Tamiya Club or a comment (cant remember which) if I’d sealed the chassis, the answer is yes, both decs, chassis spacers and shock mounts. The Buggy Champ, which started the "Buggy Boom" when it was released in 1979, now comes back as a new and improved version. Your email has been successfully added to the list. Also, the pinion is 0.6 mod pinion right? I was about to convert it to a proper Egress but decided on building a new Egress 2013 with parts from ebay, tamico, pargu, etc. All About Hobby RC Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Models and Kits. I am probably not going to use the Egress much, and should i desire something more speedy, I have my old B4 with a 5 turn Nosram brushless, and my Kyosho ZX5 with a 6,5 turn LRP in it (if I remember correctly, lol).. Another choice could be either the BZ as Haider mentions, or a TZ, which also lays around... Also, I have a few cars with the eZrun 4350 kV systems in them, and I have to say, that I am very pleased with both the performance and the rigidity of those systems.. 2 of them are placed in DF-03 RA chassis´, and have been run furiously in both dust, mud, rain and snow, and none of them has had any issues yet. A couple of new spacers in there too, all very nice. Now, word of warning folks. Feels like I could slam this into a wall and it’d not flinch. If you can find me a classic that’s been run and DOESN’T have any wear in that spot, I’ll be amazed. If you follow the instructions, you’ll be here all day, all night and for the rest of your life trying to slide those demonic little spacers in. - Brushless conversion & gearing ratio setup - Maiden run The car handle very well, with a very efficient suspension, I am very happy of this result. Shaft Drive 4WD! $999.99. I spent 20 mins trying to squeeze one in…every time it popped out and hit the floor, grrrr. I run a 17,5 brushless in my Avante2011. Thank you for signing up! I've gone for a 10.5 Speed Passion brushless setup, with 2S LiPo for mine. I certainly am ;). I plan on using a GT tuned in my Egress, and as i recall, the GT tuned should be nearly similar to the "Avante Special" in the re-re Avante?. Sure feels nice fitting this together. The Egress (2013) builds upon the racy original of the same name, adding modern parts to bring it fully up to speed with available battery and motor technologies available in the hobby market today. I had the same issue where I bought what was advertised as an Egress off Ebay about 5 years ago. My Avante 2001 ran with a 10x3 with 40.000/45.000 rpm at no loads (sorry don't know the rpm with load) and a 8.4V battery. $98.00 shipping. You can follow the story right here. All you real “old timers” may remember the original Tamiya Egress. They’re all new too, every last element of them, as are these looooovely new hubs. The last gear assembly for the rear gearbox. You've helped me decide to go for a 9t Ezrun Photon. Stronger, but slightly bigger. There were a couple of new bits used in this over the original, namely the rubber end seen here. It's easy! Nice Avante 2011 Adam! Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1/10 Rc Car Brushed 21t Motor For Tamiya Top Force Astute Bigwig Egress Avante at the best online prices at eBay! Hi Gabriel, @Tamiya Era: The fastest motor approved for the TEU-101/104/105-BK is the GT Tuned Motor (same motor as the Avante 2011 motor). https://fun-with-rc.blogspot.com/2014/04/tamiya-dt-03-neo-fighter.html The problem is boost & turbo ESCs kinda throw a lot of those rules out the window. @Tamiya Era: If it really, really needs to be a Futaba servo (Just for style. Just remember to tighten those screws back up after! I just leave everything stock in my cars. Great deals on Tamiya Car 1:10 RC Toy Engines, Parts & Accessories. No a good 10t brushed is NOT like 10T brushless. David had access to the actual car that Jamie used, so in theory it had all the ingredients to turn out nicely. I know it's true to Tamiya advertisement/hobby show but my goodness its an incredibly S L O WWWWWww servo. $1,124.00. The Tamiya TT02 is the new replacement for the ever popular TT01 and hence it is an important car. tamiya, inc. jp eng. Rochobby 1/6 1941 willy scaler rtr (direct leverbaar)!!! Hey Adam, no idea I'm afraid. Light as a feather these! Can someone help me out here, I'm not sure what to do. It's best to compare brushed RPMs (under load) against brushless kV at a given Voltage. THIS WAS A COMPLETE BASTARD. Sign up for a new account in our community. http://www.tamico.de/Carson-Brushless-Set-Dragster-Pro-12T-black-906116. You know, the silver stuff that is as thick as Marmite! I've been building/restoring RC cars for donkeys years, but never got into the set-up stuff. With that done, they slid in as easily as the vintage ones. Again, feel totally rock solid. did you use the stock gears that came with the kit? On eBay, you will find those that look like real-life vehicles as well as customized options. The original Egress featured stacks of special racing parts. But I’m guessing that advice was based around Tamiya motors. Since this is the OEM brand from which Tamiya rebadges their servos and radio systems), I think the bread-and-butter S3003 might not be "extraordinary" enough for your Egress 4WD buggy. Tamiya USA Featured Items The Grasshopper Based on 1-seater buggies seen tearing-up dirt tracks across the U.S. in the 80's, the Grasshopper first made its appearance in R/C stores in 1984. A flat headed screw comes in from the other side of the arm, through a chunky spacer and then into this ball end. I am not taking it into ant type of race. ... 1/10 Rc Brushless Motor 540 For Tamiya Thunder Shot Top Force Brat Wild Willy. Which I mistakenly took to mean the brushless compatible TBLE02S was a feature of the kit. I forgot to photograph the drive shafts as I made them, oops. Condition is Used.selling my Porsche 959. More to come soon. I have a 8.5 in my TRF201, and feel it is just too quick for an older chassis. Nice and shiny, nice and new :). Of course the ESC is compatible with the kit... any 1/10 … This completely new design is fantastic! Copyright Netsmith 2019 What motor are people planning to run in their rere Egress? @Tamiya Era: If it really, really needs to be a Futaba servo (Just for style. Also it has been upgraded to 12mm hex to fit 1/10 wheels.It has a 2.4ghz 3 channel FLYSKY FS-GT3B digital remote. 10.5T is an oddity and only similar to 13T or 14T brushed motor. Let's Find Out! 10t brushed is a badword of a lot quicker than 10t brushless so you'll be fine! Nimh cells too, may go LIPO at some point, but not really that bothered, its just a bit of fun i guess and its a tiny install along with one of my KO receivers ! I'm no racer so it may not be right for everyone, but for general use its worked just fine for me. € 395.00 MST cfx-w jp45 kit € 419.00; team corally factory pro tool hardened tip alu grip … The new 2013 version comes with some modern parts to help it cope with the current generation of brushless/lipo power systems. Watch. New NIB 1989 Vintage 1/10 Tamiya EGRESS 4WD RC Off Road Buggy 58079. I also upgrade to some aluminum control arms to … Now all I need is a black beaties bag, no chance finding one now I live in Australia though. Thank you chaps. 105BK prefers 23T. I intend to share this setup between my Dyna Storm project car and my Egress. RC Play Ground 7,000 views. At least those genuine Futaba S3003 servos are fine for entry-level 1/10th scale 2WD buggies and 4WD touring cars. Tamiya 9805922 19805922 Urethane Bushing White 6 Pcs DF 03 TB 02 Egress See more like this I just used the stock pinions with mine and they worked great. I will use: esc 105BK + receiver TRU-02 + servo s3003 and TZ motor with 15T steel pinion...:-). How Sexy Is The Tamiya Egress 2013 RC Car? - They do not emit that annoying buzzing / humming noise when standing still (who doesn't hate that noise?). It turned out to be an Avante 2001 with Egress parts. You can also include the motor (The kit comes with a Tamiya Torque tuned motor). I opened the rear gearbox only to discover that the previous owner had stuffed the ENTIRE gearbox and diff with anti-wear grease! So u mean to say, 105BK ESC with TZ motor the suitable pinion will be within the range 18T ~ 23T ? Max speed with 23T pinion : 36mph on road. A multitude of companies make RC vehicles for racing fans and enthusiasts. With 12T I can always move up to 3S if 2S isn't fast enough. Just remember , you CAN turn down the brushless. I've got one of these bad boys too.

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